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Septic Tank Lid Safety

Help Prevent a Tragedy

Every year, injuries occur when people fall into septic tanks. Owners of septic systems are responsible for ensuring the systems are safe and function properly, including having a secure lid on the tanks.

Take these precautions to keep yourself and your family safe by maintaining your septic system and ensuring no one accidentally falls into your tank:

  • ·       Know where your septic system lids or covers are located.
  • ·       Routinely inspect the septic tank lid for cracks or noticeable damage.
  • ·       Keep the lids secure by repairing or replacing all damaged or missing parts.
  • ·       Use bolts, screws, or other locks to secure the lids and prevent easy access.
  • ·       Never drive or park vehicles on top of septic systems – it can damage or dislodge the cover.
  • ·       Never leave an open lid unattended when inspecting or having your septic system pumped. Make sure the lids are secured after work is done on your septic system.
  • ·       Teach children that the septic tank lids and not to be played on or opened.

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